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If you have received a UK Visa Refusal Decision it will confirm if and what Appeal Rights have been given. We urge you to email us a copy of any refusal as soon as possible so we can advise you on the merits of Appealing the Refusal and the time limits for Appealing. 

Our Principle Immigration Practitioner has been Representing Appeal Hearings at the Tribunal for well over 10 years. We are Regulated to the Highest Level and therefore are able to instruct a Barrister if necessary. 

An application that was refused inside the UK, i.e. an extension, switching or ILR, you will normally have 14 calendar days to lodge the appeal. For applicants who are outside the UK, the time period is 28 days. There can be times where discretion can be applied in submitting an Appeal 'out of time', detailed evidence will need to be submitted with any late Appeal. 

Visas 24/7 full representation includes a full assessment of the documents and evidence submitted, careful assessment of reasons for refusal, drafting detailed grounds of appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal, drafting witness statements with the client, completing the appeal form and assembling a professional appeal bundle. The appeal will then be lodged with the Immigration Tribunal and later served on the Home Office Presenting Officer Unit.

We urge any applicant who has been refused to check the credentials of any law firm they choose to represent their Appeal, all to often we see Appeal work which is to a very low standard which could have serious repercussions for the Applicant. 


UK Visa Refusal
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