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If your UK visa or immigration application has been refused, our immigration appeal lawyers can advise you on the merits of appealing to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber), prepare your immigration appeal and represent you at your immigration appeal hearing.

Appealing your visa refusal means that you are challenging the decision made by the Home Office, either on the basis that you believe an error was made, that the law has been incorrectly interpreted, or your human rights have been breached.

Contact our immigration lawyers to discuss an immigration appeal for your UK visa refusal.

If your UK visa application is refused, you will receive a letter from the Home Office explaining the reasons for your visa refusal and whether you have the right to appeal or request an Administrative Review. If you wish to appeal the immigration decision, you will need to do so within the required time. Typically, you will have 14 days if you are inside the UK and 28 days to appeal a UK visa refusal if you are outside the UK.

Immigration Visa Refusal appeal means that you are challenging the decision made by the Home Office, either on the basis that you believe an error has been made, that the law has been incorrectly applied, or your human rights have been breached.

Visas 24/7 can help you with a UK visa refusal appeal or recommend the best course of action. Please speak to our experienced immigration lawyers today at 0203 405 6381 or email us at Appeals can take time, and it’s imperative that any Appeal has merits, or you may have to make a fresh application when the requirements are met. 


Who can appeal against a Home Office decision?

Your decision letter from the Home Office will tell you if you have the right to appeal their decision. Depending on your circumstances and your type of visa application, you may be able to apply for:

• An Administrative Review (AR) – if the Home Office made a mistake when refusing your application

• An appeal


You should be given the right to appeal your decision to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) on the basis of human rights if the Home Office has:


• refused an asylum claim or humanitarian protection claim

• revoked your protection status

• refused your human rights claim

• revoked your British citizenship

• refused or revoked your status, varied the length or condition of your stay, or deported you under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

• refused or revoked your EUSS family permit

It is highly likely that you will have no right of appeal if you have been refused a visitor visa or short-term student visa. Our Immigration Lawyer will be able to check your rights to appeal in this situation and recommend all options available to you.


UK immigration appeal process

You must act quickly and within the deadlines given if you decide you wish to Appeal your decision. 

Our advice would be:


• Instruct an immigration lawyer (this is not compulsory but will give you the best chance of preparing a robust UK Visa immigration decision appeal)

• Check you have the right to appeal

• Review the reason for your visa refusal

• Prepare your appeal case – including the basis for your appeal, gathering the necessary information and documents

• Complete and submit an online appeal application within 14 days if within the UK or 28 days if outside the UK (from the date you received your decision)

• Provide all supporting documents

• Provide comprehensive witness statements 

• As part of your immigration appeal application, you can state whether you wish to have an oral hearing to explain your case further or to have a decision made based on the information you have provided

• We would normally always advise an oral hearing for numerous reasons 


How Visas 24/7 Can Help

As explained above, while it is not compulsory to instruct an immigration lawyer to represent your appeal matter, the benefits can lead to a positive outcome. We understand the grounds for appeal and how to overcome these. We also know how to appeal against visa refusal in the UK and the standard of evidence needed, and we can prepare your case and documents in a manner that is professionally comprehensive. Visas 24/7 will also represent you at a Tribunal / Court hearing, ensuring that the facts of your appeal case are properly clarified and that any questions raised by the Court (Immigration Judge or the Home Office) are answered fully.

Our immigration lawyers work directly with individuals, within the UK and overseas to prepare high-quality appeals against Home Office visa and immigration refusal decisions and provide expert legal representation at immigration appeal hearings.

We recognise that every client’s circumstances are unique, and our immigration appeals team provide tailored immigration law solutions designed to meet individual needs.

Contact us today at

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