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When to Apply for your Visa Extension:


It's of utmost importance to apply for a visa extension before your current visa expires, especially if you're renewing it from within the UK. Each visa category may have specific requirements that affect your application timing. For instance, for a Skilled Worker visa extension, it's advised to apply within 3 months of receiving your new CoS or 60 days before your current leave ends, whichever comes first. Remember, you can't apply more than 3 months before the start date of your new CoS. Planning ahead is key to avoid complications and ensure a timely application submission. If you applied before your previous visa expires and your application is valid, you can stay in the UK until a decision is made.


Skilled Worker Visa:


To be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa extension, you must hold current permission to enter or stay on this visa type in the UK.


Additionally, you must:


·       Continue in the same job as when your previous visa was granted

·       Work for the same employer who provided your original Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

·       Maintain a salary at least equal to or higher than stated on your CoS for your previous visa period

·   If you've previously been granted leave under the Skilled Worker category, you won't need to reprove the maintenance or English language requirement if this evidence has already been submitted to the UK Home Office. However, you will need a new CoS from your UK sponsor.

Partner Visa Extension:


You can extend this visa by meeting all necessary requirements. For example, if you're applying as a partner of a UK resident, you must provide evidence that demonstrates the genuineness of your relationship and your intention to reside together. There are other mandatory requirements depending on whether you are on the five year partner route or ten year partner route. 


Ancestry Visa Extension:


If you currently hold an ancestry visa in the UK, you can extend your stay for an additional five years. This visa is available to individuals such as British overseas citizens or Commonwealth citizens with grandparents born in the UK. As long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria, you can renew this visa indefinitely. This includes demonstrating your intention and ability to work in the UK and proving financial self-sufficiency without relying on public funds. After residing in the UK for five years under an ancestry visa, you become eligible to apply for settlement as long as all requirements are met.


Can I apply from within the UK?


If your circumstances have changed since your last visa was granted, you may be eligible to switch to a different visa type from within the UK. For instance, if you initially arrived as a student and have since received a job offer from a Skilled Worker sponsor.


However, not all visa categories permit in-country switching, such as the visitor visa. In these instances, you must exit the UK before your current visa expires and apply for a new visa type from outside the country.


How long do extension applications take?


The processing times for visa renewal applications can vary based on the visa category and UKVI's workload. There are existing backlogs due to the pandemic and prioritisation of Ukraine visa schemes. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to check processing times before submitting their applications.


Other Visa extensions


If you are unsure whether you can extend your current visa please contact us for clarification. 


What happens if my visa has expired?


If you do not apply for a renewal or switch to a different visa category before your current visa expires, you will be considered as overstaying. This means you will be residing and working in the UK illegally.


Visas 24/7 is a UK immigration specialist you can rely on. Our seasoned lawyers are here to provide expert guidance on your UK visa options and navigate you through the Home Office application process. For assistance with your UK visa extension application, contact us today.

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