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Indefinite Leave to Remain is the entitlement to live and work permanently in the UK, without any restrictions and with access to benefits, education and healthcare. Our immigration and citizenship lawyers can help you apply for indefinite leave to remain.


There are numerous conditions that you must meet before you can apply for indefinite leave to remain. We’ll review your situation and advise whether or not you qualify.


If you can’t apply straight away, we’ll explore your options to help you stay in the country or work towards applying at a later date. We have years of experience helping people who were in your situation and have worked hard to get them the results they want.


A successful application will allow you to live, work, study, and apply for benefits in the UK for the rest of your life. Indefinite leave to remain also means:

  • Your UK-born children can register as British citizens

  • Any future children will automatically become British citizens at birth

  • You’ll be able to sponsor certain family members to come and live with you in the UK

  • You will become eligible at a certain point to apply to naturalise as a British citizen (conditions apply).

Contact us today to check if you are eligible and to begin the process.  

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