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If you have been detained by the UK Border Agency or under the Immigration Rules and if you have been in a removal centre or prison for a period of at least 7 days, you will be able to apply to be released on bail.


You can apply for bail to the Home Office as many times as you want and even when you are applying for Tribunal Bail.  The application for Home Office bail is free and you should use form 401.

Form B1 is the form that is used for Tribunal Bail applications.  The Home Office (CIO) bail is considered on paper only, and so by completing the B1 form, you will be able to have a hearing in front of an Immigration Judge.  You should receive a decision from the Home Office within 10 days of making the bail application.

All immigration detainees have a right to make a Tribunal Bail application if they have been in the UK for at least eight days. The advantage of applying for Tribunal Bail is that the Judge, who is an independent person, will look at your detention to see if the detention is warranted. You cannot apply for Tribunal Bail if you have already had a bail application within the last 28 days and your circumstances have not changed. In order to make a bail application to the court, you should have financial sureties. We would always advise this. A financial surety is someone who confirms to the tribunal that he or she can make sure that you keep in contact with the authorities if you are released from detention. There are many aspects a surety should address, and at Visas 24/7, we firmly believe we are experts in this field. 

If you are granted bail, it will normally be subject to certain conditions, which may require you to report to the Home Office reporting centre and to remain living at the same address.

Why Choose Visas 24/7 for your Bail Application?


Benefit from over 23 years of expertise with our dedicated team of lawyers. We provide personalised guidance throughout your application journey, ensuring all necessary documentation is in order and your application package is meticulously prepared. With us, you'll experience seamless communication as we handle all interactions with the Home Office, keeping you informed at every step. 

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