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What is the Adult Dependent Relative visa?

The UK Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) visa allows certain close family members from outside the UK to come to the UK for long-term care provided by a relative settled here.

If your elderly Adult Dependent Relative visa is successful, you will be granted indefinite leave to remain and permitted to stay in the UK indefinitely for as long as required.

To qualify, the applicant must require daily personal care due to age, illness or disability that cannot reasonably be obtained in their home country. The UK sponsor must be able to adequately accommodate and financially support the dependent relative without relying on public funds.

To qualify for a UK ADR visa, applicants must have a sponsoring relative in the UK who is 18 years or over and is either:

●      a British or Irish citizen

●      settled in the UK – i.e. they hold ILR, EUSS, settled status, or permanent residence

●      from the EU / EEA (including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) and hold EUSS pre-settled status. To qualify, they must have been living in the UK prior to 1st January 2021, or

●      a person with refugee status or has been granted humanitarian protection in the UK

The applicant themselves must be a close relative of the UK based person; either their:

●      parent aged 18 years or over

●      grandparent

●      brother or sister aged 18 years or over,

●      son or daughter aged 18 years or over

Family visa scheme, of which the UK ADR visa is a part, is only open to immediate family members, including parents, children, grandchildren, and grandparents.

To demonstrate the need for the ADR visa, the applicant must prove through medical reports or similar that they cannot independently perform daily tasks like washing, dressing and cooking due to age/illness/disability. Evidence must show no one reasonably available in their home country, including family members, can provide the required level of care.

The UK sponsor must have suitable accommodation and funds to support the applicant for at least 5 years without recourse to public funds. Relevant factors like the sponsor's income, housing, dependents, and planned care arrangements/costs are considered. Both applicant and sponsor must meet good character requirements with no recent criminal convictions.

When applying for a UK Adult Dependent Relative visa, the required documentation will vary depending on the specific circumstances, the relationship between the applicant and the UK-based sponsor, and the care needs involved. However, here is an overview of the potential evidence you may need to provide:

To demonstrate the relationship between the applicant and the UK sponsor:

●      a birth or adoption certificate confirming the family connection

●      a detailed medical report outlining the applicant's care requirements

To prove the applicant cannot access adequate care in their home country:

●      a letter from a relevant health authority, local authority, doctor, or private provider explaining why suitable care is unavailable or unaffordable in the applicant's home country

To show the sponsor has sufficient funds and accommodation in the UK:

●      Original bank statements covering the last six months

●      Evidence of income sources (e.g., payslips, savings, investments) for the last six months

●      Information on outgoings, such as Council Tax, utilities, and dependents' support

●      A copy of a mortgage or tenancy agreement proving ownership or occupancy of a property

●      Planned care arrangements for the applicant, including associated costs to be covered by the sponsor without third-party support

It's crucial to understand that the UK Adult Dependent Relative visa is granted only in very limited circumstances where all eligibility criteria are met, emphasizing the importance of providing fully comprehensive and accurate documentation.

The application process involves completing the appropriate forms, paying fees, healthcare surcharge, submitting supporting documents, and attending a biometrics appointment.


If refused, options may include appealing to a tribunal, requesting an administrative review if a Home Office mistake occurred, submitting a Pre Action Protocol (PAP) or applying for judicial review to challenge the legal grounds for refusal. Alternatively, a fresh application addressing the initial refusal reasons could be submitted.

Why choose Visas 24/7 to represent your Adult Dependent Relative Application?

With over 23 years’ experience our Lawyers incorporate advising on all required documentation to support your application, followed by meticulously collating, preparing, and submitting a comprehensive application package on your behalf. We respond to any enquiries the Home Office may have and keep the client updated throughout.

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